The brake system of your transport fleet is a critical part of your daily operations.Our expert team is trained to understand the nuances of airbrake and hydraulic brake technology from brake pads and rotors, brake chambers and drums, callipers, cam shafts (S-Cam), brake hoses, and more.You can be confident that your fleet is ready for the stops it will need to make along the road.

Brake Alert

BRAKE ALERT allows drivers to inspect brakes on Pre-Trips without crawling under the truck or measuring push rod travel. It also accurately gauges brake life and components, even with an obscured view of the brake lining.


  • Legally Measure Brake Adjustment
  • Protect Yourself from Expensive Litigations
  • Stop Wasting Money in your Core Pile
  • Visual Indicators for Adjustment and Brake Life
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XTREME CAM converts your S-CAM into a long journal bearing, extending over the entire length of the S-CAM shaft. Through it’s patented bushing system, XTREME CAM gives you over 10X more bearing surface. 

  • Increase S-CAM Bushing Life
  • Improve Brake Performance
  • Protect S-CAMs from Damage

Rest easy knowing that with Britannia Fleets parts and service program, the only thing that should stop you, is your brakes.

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