OEM Warranty

Added Value for Fleet Accounts

Britannia Fleet Services is proud to operate as a Warranty Service Centre* for many of the leading OEM component and trailer manufacturers. We understand the factory limited warranty program and know the value that warranty recovery can have on managing the maintenance costs of your transport business, especially during the service life of truck and trailer assets.

We utilize an online warranty system that ensures proper visibility into your warranty service claims, and that each claim process is simple and efficient. We identify your claim according to warranty specifications, and then manage the claim process for you.

*The OEM Warranty Service Centre is available to our Fleet Account Customers.  Please contact your Britannia Fleet Services Sales Rep to find out how you can become a Fleet Account Customer.


  • TICO
  • Cummins


  • Utility Trailers
  • Vanguard Trailers
  • CIMC Chassis
  • Wabash Trailers
  • Hyundia Translead Trailers
  • Great Dane Trailers
  • Manac Trailers
  • Kentucky Trailers


  • McLaren – Roll-up Doors
  • Transtex – Aerodynamics
  • Dhollandia – Liftgates
  • Maxon – Liftgates
  • Waltco – Liftgates
  • Theimen – Liftgates
  • Hendrickson – Suspension