Fleet Modifications

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Extend the life-cycle, functionality and performance of your fleet assets.

Paint And Refurbish

The Look Of Your Brand Is Everything

Britannia Fleet Services has provided quality fleet equipment paint and refurbishing services for over two decades.  Our facility and service include:

  • 60’ paint bay
  • Sandblasting facilities
  • Excellent finish quality
  • Fast turnaround
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Custom Fabrication

Maximize Utility and Extend the Life of Your Fleet Assets

In addition to full-service repair and maintenance, we provide custom fleet modification and fabrication services. Our industry experience means we’re ready to tackle any project, including:

  • Custom Equipment Modifications
  • Trailer Foaming and Insulating
  • Custom Aftermarket Add-ons
  • Accident Repair
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Tarp Service


Britannia Fleet Services has partnered with Quick Draw Tarpaulin Systems to offer complete tarp repair & restoration services. Our Quick Draw product line services include:

  • Mechanical repairs of retractable components and framework
  • Replacement of torn sections
  • Thorough cleaning and waxing
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Tailgate & Railgate Service


Routine inspection and maintenance of your liftgates and tailgates will keep them operating safely and at peak performance.  Regularly scheduled tailgate and railgate maintenance from Britannia Fleet Services will help ensure operational uptime and your business’ reputation.

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Trailer Door Service

Preventive Maintenance for Optimal Operation

Unidentified wear and tear on your trailer doors can put your driver, cargo and others on the road at risk. It can also render your fleet inoperable if deliveries simply can’t be made – and that means lost business.

Our technicians are trained to look for any issues that can arise from the daily strain of an active business including:

  • Identifying worn parts
  • Spotting misaligned tracks
  • Locating faulty cables
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With over 2 decades of transport industry experience, Britannia Fleet Services has partnered with leading product and parts manufacturers to provide our clients with the best possible performance for all their fleet equipment needs.