TrailerCarePlus™ is a preventative maintenance program that includes annual inspections, A-Checks, structural repairs and custom fabrication to maintain the integrity and quality of your trailer fleet equipment.

TrailerCarePlus™ offers incredible flexibility allowing you to implement customized maintenance programs to suit your fleet operations. We have specific performance standards for preventative maintenance routines, and the measurement criteria to be applied to a maintenance or safety program. To simplify preventative maintenance program definitions and reporting, you can classify similar temperature control units (reefers / propane heaters / diesel heaters / etc.) together in one PM group, or in several groups, as well as by equipment types. TrailerCarePlus™ has adopted VMRS (Vehicle Maintenance Reporting Standards) to dramatically simplify operation and minimize data input.   Preventative Maintenance Saves You Money!

When you automate the preventative maintenance process with TrailerCarePlus™, you increase the likelihood that your transport equipment will be well-maintained at all times, and you reduce the risk of load claims and breakdowns when customers are depending on you. Early intervention rescues small problems before they become major expenses.  When you plan your maintenance ahead of time, necessary parts are always ready and waiting, so there are no costly delays.