Britannia Fleet Services understands that fuel prices are a growing concern in the trucking industry espcially if you're transporting goods on long hauls across the highway.  Trailer side skirt technology has helped many fleet operators greatly improve the performance and fuel savings of their operations. 

  • Cut fuel consumption down by 5-7 %.
  • Enhance the aerodynamics of a trailer.
  • Reduce harmful greenhouse gas emissions.

Trailer side skirts enhance the aerodynamics of the trailer by redirecting ariflow away from the rear axle of the trailer.  This reduces the drag on vehicle to improve fuel consumption and stabilizes the trailer to prevent swaying.

Side Skirts Installed by Britannia Fleet Services

Britannia Fleet Services will install, repair and service your side skirts to ensure the best possible fit and performance. 

Contact a Sales and Service Representative today to find out more about this simple - yet environmentally friendly solution.  Call (905) 670-4545.